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Who among us does not know the company E.Wedel – the manufacturer of chocolate products? It is a company whose sweets have been offered since the mid-19th century. More information about E. Wedel can be found on other sites, and we will describe in this article an interesting fact related to this confectionery manufacturer that not many people know about.

E. Wedel’s trademark was not only the still well-known signature of Emil Wedel (which began to appear on chocolate bars around 1874 and now functions as the company’s logo). In 1926, the symbol of this chocolate maker became a boy riding a zebra and holding chocolate bars on his back. The sign was designed by the eminent Italian painter Leonetto Cappiello and is now considered one of the most popular advertising graphics in Poland.

How does it relate to Cracow?

The only place in Cracow where you can see the mosaic depicting this company sign is on the floor of the premises located at 2 Św. Jana Street, where the E. Wedel company shop used to be located. The mosaic is also visible from the street through the shop window.

fot. Jakub Żak

Where is this mosaic located?

We have marked the aforementioned location on the map below.

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